CHARTWELL CAPITAL GROUP was formed by Jerry Long who then invited  the other principals to join in a collaborative association to develop  private and discreet investment and development opportunities in order to  bring clients and partners current opportunities in high yield private placement programs and real estate resulting from distortions in the financial framework of the United States and world economies. These  associated principals have broad and deep experience and expertise in finance and evaluating, acquiring, managing and developing commercial and residential properties.

Chartwell Capital's mission is to create wealth for its clients and partners by acquiring under priced real estate assets and adding value to its real estate investments. In addition Chartwell has formed partnerships to provide entrance to high yield private placement programs.

In the course of accomplishing its mission Chartwell believes it has a responsibility to help improve the neighborhoods and communities in which it does business and to help support other organizations dedicated to improving society. One such organization, Platinum Minds (, helps outstanding boys from the inner city find better educational opportunities and develop their leadership abilities.)

The associated principals of Chartwell have a long history of real estate investments., finance and managing and developing properties. This history provides decades of experience in financial investments and real estate acquisition, management and development. Chartwell's associated principles have personal, direct, hands on experience in every task and skill necessary to evaluate, acquire, develop and manage real estate properties and evaluate financial investments. Each has spent their entire career in real estate disciplines and finance.

Chartwell has a network of resources consisting of experts in all facets of real estate acquisition, finance and development. In addition it has formed partnerships that provide direct access to high yield private placement programs involved in platform trading and currency trading.

The principals of Chartwell have been making real estate investments and developing properties for more than thirty years. They see the buying opportunities in today's market as the most favorable they have witnessed in their lifetimes.

Chartwell is now providing client's access to trading platforms with very high returns that until recently were only available to a select community of very high net worth individuals who were able to trade in the tens or hundreds of millions of dollars. Now, Chartwell has gained access for individuals into trading platforms with a minimum of $1 Million that would be kept in the client's own account.